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Bin Sorter & Stacker Projects

Dubreuil Forest Products – Dubreuilville, Ontario

The fabrication, installation, and flushing of piping for Bin Sorter & Stacker.

RPM designs, manufactures and installs field piping for all industrial hydraulic system installations. Piping is initially designed using computer software and then formed using Parker 632 hydraulic tube benders and flared to JIC 37º using Parker Hydra-Flare tube end flaring machines. All data is kept on file should a replacement tube be required.

Once installed, piping systems are flushed using hot oil at high velocity using our high flow flushing units. Piping systems are looped around components and oil is flushed through each line while monitoring return oil condition using our portable in-line contamination monitors until oil condition reaches acceptable cleanliness.

Dubreuil Forest Products in Dubreuilville, Ontario relies on RPM for design, fabrication, installation and flushing of all their hydraulic piping installations and hydraulic power units. The photo shows a past project when RPM provided services for field piping installation for the new sorter and stacker line.

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